Obviously, the hex occasions two, has to be lifted however by what methodology? How to appease all land claimants or dealer a truce to permit Sherrie to be properly clothed? Perhaps the answer is to give all claimants shares and a cut of the income earlier than tax. Not forgetting the stately head of Puaikura. Chooks, the PMG-Politically Mad Games shall be starting quickly. Up for grabs shall be medals for classes similar to Backstabbing, Most abroad trips, Most exotic place visited, Finger pointing and Public talking.

A great funnel prolonged down like a “finger” from the dark cloud overhead and lasted for a number of minutes. Why are explorers searching Mt Ararat for Noah’s Ark? The good guide clearly points out the Ark came to relaxation on the “mountains” of Ararat not Mt Ararat. And why do folks maintain referring to the Garden of Eden when the precise garden was not there?

The energy of Mother Nature is to not be underestimated at any time. And chooks, why did the little silver fowl go straight from Pukapuka to Aitutaki? Seems the PM’s meeting with the Council in Pukapuka ended later than desired and with the pilot needing to be again in Raro earlier than 6pm, they skipped Manihiki. It seems they had sufficient gasoline for the longer trip. Interesting that animals might know one thing we humans do not.

Political parties to select solely candidates who possess a mind. A CT scan will be needed to verify a mind exists. Candidates to have an IQ above 100.

Better nonetheless, organise a secondary college sports activities event to be held on Kumete sports day. Get sponsors to place up good prizes for profitable schools-like a pc, library books. This village based event was attended by hundreds but nowadays there are so many different things to do. Did you know, on one outer island, there are thirty plus welfare pensioners but the real beneficiary needs to be the one store on the island that sells fundamental commodities! Don’t they deserve a discount voucher? The boat calls here to cart cargo just for this one shop.

The last time the media saw such a report and made it public, was a number of years ago when one (accidentally?) appeared as a part of the half yearly fiscal replace. The public wish to know why there’s no competitors between the banks and no decreasing of rates of interest on loans. How can the Cooks name be endlessly etched in Olympic history?

Just say “No” and stay and repair the issues at house. No-one’s going to miss them if they don’t show up in Brussels, London, New York or Geneva. Another diplomatic boo boo chooks? PM had the choice of going to China for a State visit or to the UN for an important well being meeting for Leaders. He opted for China and Health Minister Glassie is off to New York for the UN meeting. Seems the China State visit shall be downgraded to one thing more befitting our country’s size and status on the planet order.

Putting in the pipes without with the ability to assure any water, is what happened on Mangaia says the chook from Mangaia. Rumour is the Punanga Nui market will re-locate to a huge new, air conditioned building on the location of the old Toa Petroleum tanks. Everything shall be underneath one roof, out of the wind and rain.

After much to and fro-ing it transpired the keys to function the machines had been within the machines. Staff from Infrastructure proceeded to up-lift the JCBs. If an merchandise is listed on the FAR-Fixed Assets Register, how can one Ministry swipe one thing from one other Ministry? Seems the CIP have been out of presidency so long some have forgotten the fundamentals. Rumour is there may soon be a problem to Wigmore’s leadership of the Demo Party. Does not two and two equal four?

It is senseless to place the majority of the coppers on duty in the course of the day when little occurs. It’s time the country got a new name chooks. Some Russian map maker gave us the name Cook Islands after British naval Captain James Cook but he by no means

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landed right here, he sailed by way of and off.

Poor Tap struggled to get funding and eventually everything went stomach up. It can additionally be to be hoped the aqua-ponics plant doesn’t just grow the identical crops as each different grower. Word the plant has stacks of tomatoes, is concerning as too lots of the one crop drives costs down and no-one makes cash.

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